Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about ShoutOut...

What is ShoutOut

ShoutOut is a marketing solution. It as an alternative to Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. It provides a mechanism to administer an unlimited number of affiliates and influencers and provide them with the tools to promote your brand and products and drive traffic and sales to your store.

What is the cost of ShoutOut?

It's just $19.99 a month. Far less than the cost of even one day's traditional advertising. You get access to the software that allows you to create and track an UNLIMITED number of influencers and affiliates. You can try the App for free with no restrictions for a full 7 days with no obligation.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No, simply pay each month, cancel anytime you wish.

Does ShoutOut include a database of beautiful influencers that have no relevance to my business whats-so-ever that can promote my products?

No, and hopefully you can see past our sarcasm here.

To have a credible network of affiliates they must be relevant to your business, and ShoutOut can easily show you how to build a network of very credible individuals that ARE relevant to your brand and products. This will equate to a far higher conversion rate, as the targeted audience (your potential customers), will appreciate the recommendations made by credible influencers in your industry.

Can I easily invite potential affiliates and influencers into my network? How do they signup to join my referral program?

ShoutOut creates a sign-up page that you can brand as your own. The software also includes a professionally written template and email engine that allows you to simply insert an email address into an invitiation, and it will send an automated signup form to your potential affiliate/influencer. It is incredibly easy.

Can I customize ShoutOut with my own logo and branding?

Yes. Each affiliate/influencer will have access to their very own dashboard/control center and it may be branded with your own logo and matching colors. If you include your logo, we'll also ensure every email has it included to make it look professional and being sent from you!

Will ShoutOut be cheaper than running online daily advertising?

Unlike traditional forms of advertising, with ShoutOut you pay NOTHING unless you make a sale (except for a low $19.99 a month for the application). Only when your affiliates and influencers refer sales to your store do you pay commission to them. You can decide how much. ShoutOut does not charge a commission handling fee, nor are there any other hidden costs. Compared to normal advertising, ShoutOut is a far more cost effective marketing strategy to get you sales.

Do you include tutorials?

Yes, when you first signup to ShoutOut we include a spotlighted tour of the App. At the end of the tour we then provide a video tutorial (Tutorial 1) on how to quickly get setup. When you've completed those you're ready to start adding affiliates and influencers, and you'll find a tutorial on how to find the right people for your business from a link located in the Affiliates/Influencers area.

How do I delete the App and stop any further billing from ShoutOut?

Simply delete the App from your Shopify Admin area (under the Apps menu) if you're a Shopify user, or for WooCommerce users, delete the app from the plugin area. Please note, by doing so all data will be deleted and any affiliates or influencers will no longer be able to promote your business or products.


Our support line is (+61) 411 147 145 or alternatively send us an email, we would love to hear from you...


Our new 'How to find affiliates and influencers' video tutorial is now available.

Learn how to easily build a network of individuals relevant to your what you sell, that will drive traffic to your store through the power of social marketing.

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