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We’re so confident ShoutOut will make you money, we offer ShoutOut for an unlimited amount of time so you may build your own affiliate marketing program totally for free! After you have received 30+ referred orders we ask that you upgrade to one of our paid subscription plans that offer an unlimited number of referred orders, plus additional features and benefits that will supercharge your sales.
ShoutOut's multi-level marketing (MLM) capabilities are available to subscribers on our Growth and Pro plans, and further details are available here.
You can integrate PayPal directly into ShoutOut to pay your affiliates quickly and easily. Instructions to connect ShoutOut to PayPal are provided here. If you don't wish to use PayPal, ShoutOut also has the ability to create a payment file which may be used in any external payment provider of your choice for effortless bulk payments. Further information is available here.
Unfortunately due to the large number of clients using ShoutOut, we are unable to provide changes or customizations for individual merchants. 
Affiliates may direct their affiliate referral links to specific products (or any page on your store) if you're using one of ShoutOut's paid plans. They may also have an unlimited number of referral links all pointing to different products you may sell. More information is available here.
Not sure how ShoutOut and affiliate links work? No problem, we have a great introductory article here.

Unfortunately due to the high volume of new enquiry we receive, and global time differences we are unable to provide one on one demonstrations and callbacks. The best way forward is to simply install ShoutOut, it's 100% free!

ShoutOut is extremely easy to use, and includes 26 tutorial videos to get you started.

ShoutOut provides a signup form for individuals to join your network. The link to your signup page may be found under the Affiliates/Influencers area of ShoutOut's main menu titled Signup Page. If you're finding that your signup link is directing users back to your website you may have disabled it in ShoutOut admin > Settings > Preferences > Remove Signup Option.

ShoutOut's standard signup form may be changed to capture additional information. You can customize data collected in ShoutOut admin > Settings > Manage Fields. If you're wanting even more control over your signup form (perhaps to pre-approve affiliates) you may wish to design your own form, have the details emailed to you, and if the affiliate is approved enter their details into ShoutOut. You can have ShoutOut automatically send them their access details by ticking the option when saving their record. 

Some merchants charge affiliates to join their network by creating a membership product in their store or a starter kit of products that first requires purchasing. Using your own customized form provides you unlimited options following the details outlined above.

We successfully process over 2 million orders per month on behalf of merchants. ShoutOut triple checks every order to ensure if an affiliate is due commission it is recorded into ShoutOut. Occasionally you, (or an affiliate) may need to understand why commission was not credited. The most common reasons are outlined here including the process if you'd like us to investigate a particular order further.
ShoutOut includes a dedicated PayPal information field that may be enabled on all affiliate accounts to collect their PayPal account. This may be enabled in ShoutOut admin > Settings > Manage Fields > (click the Enable link next to PayPal).
If you're using the Shopify ecommerce platform, any orders that are refunded in Shopify will automatically reverse any relevant commissions in ShoutOut. The same functionality may be enabled for merchants using WooCommerce by following the instructions provided in the Transactions area. 
Yes, you can automatically pass affiliate information through to MailChimp, Klaviyo and other dedicated emailing solutions if you're on our Growth or Pro plans. Further information may be found by clicking on the information icon in ShoutOut admin > Settings > Account Settings > API Key (click on the Info icon).
Yes, ShoutOut can connect to over 1500 other applications via Zapier using one of our paid subscription plans. Further information may be found by clicking on the information icon in ShoutOut admin > Settings > Account Settings > API Key (click on the Info icon).
Yes, ShoutOut can credit commission to affiliates referring you customers that may be purchasing a subscription or auto shipments. More information is available here.
ShoutOut can combine both discount codes and affiliate links. ShoutOut can automatically create discount codes for new affiliates joining your network to allow them to pass the code onto potential customers. More information is available here.
Yes, all ShoutOut paid plans allow you to vary commission on individual products. You may also elect to not pay commission on some products. To vary commission on products go to: ShoutOut admin > Settings > Variations
Yes, you can exclude Taxes and/or Shipping costs prior to calculating commission paid to affiliates. These options may be enabled in: ShoutOut admin > Settings > Preferences.
Yes. The option may be enabled in: ShoutOut admin > Settings > Preferences > Exclude Affiliate Sales.

Simply uninstall the App. For Shopify merchants, go to Shopify Admin > Apps > (click on the Delete link next to ShoutOut). Please note, Shopify controls all billing and subscriptions for ShoutOut, so one final payment for ShoutOut may appear on your next Shopify invoice for use of ShoutOut in arrears.

For WP/WooCommerce merchants simply Deactivate and DELETE the ShoutOut plugin. Use the contact form below to contact us to confirm your account closure request.

For Squarespace merchants, simply follow the instructions outlined in ShoutOut admin > Settings > Uninstall.

Please note, upon uninstalling ShoutOut, all your data is permanently deleted from our servers.

ShoutOut's refund policy may be found here.

Support is available: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM (+10GMT).

We will reply to all emails received by no later than next business day, but will endeavour to answer your question sooner if possible.

Due to timezone differences we are unable to provide one on one phone contact, however we pride ourselves on offering first class email support via our friendly team.

We look forward to assisting you further.

(For existing clients requiring support, we may need to access your account. For WooCommerce and Squarespace clients please include your email address on file with us (located in Settings > Account Settings), or for Shopify merchants please include your store handle,


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