WordPress/WooCommerce Multisite

Understand the benefits (and disadvantages) of using WordPress Multisite

by Sarah Hutchings

Posted: Tuesday 23rd February 2021

WordPress multisite allows plugins to be installed once for all websites

What is WordPress Multisite?

Multisite is a built-in WordPress feature that allows you to create and manage multiple websites from a single WordPress dashboard.

Multisite allows multiple WordPress/WooCommerce stores to be hosted under one hosting account. This is perfect for those merchants running multiple online stores, or developers that are managing multiple stores on behalf of clients.

What is WooCommerce Multisite?

WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress websites. It upgrades your WordPress site into a fully functional ecommerce store.

You can add more advanced features to your WooCommerce store such as the ability to track affiliate sales, by adding selected plugins like ShoutOut.

If you're building or managing an entire network of individual online stores using WordPress and WooCommerce, then you'll be delighted to know, ShoutOut is fully multisite compatible.

What are the Benefits of Multisite?

When you activate the multisite feature, you can:

  • Create a network of individual websites using a single installation of WordPress
  • Set up new online stores instantly
  • Share themes and plugins across the entire network
  • Activate different plugins for each site
  • Manage all sites in the network under one dashboard
  • Remove the need for separate logins
  • Significantly reduce the amount of admin time

What are the Disadvantages of Multisite?

  • Not all hosting providers support multisite
  • A spike in traffic may impact the speed of all other sites in your network
  • Not all plugins are multisite compatible

Why add the ShoutOut plugin to your multisite online stores?

Word of mouth marketing using affiliates is the most effective form of advertising there is. It incentivises people who already love your products to recommend and promote them to their followers and friends.

You can invite happy customers, staff, family, friends, and social media fans to become affiliates.

Invite customers to become affiliates for your store

The best part about this strategy is that you only pay upon sales results! The affiliates job is to drive free traffic to your store. All you need to do is install specific software to track and pay commission on sales generated.

According to independent reviewers, ShoutOut is the #1 multi-level affiliate marketing software app for WordPress and WooCommerce stores and the good news is, it's 100% multisite compatible!

It's not uncommon for merchants using ShoutOut to be generating $5M, $10M or $15M in additional sales, all from referrals!

What are other benefits of using ShoutOut?

Unlike other affiliate apps and plugins, ShoutOut gives you ALL the following premium features for one fixed, low, flat monthly price:

  • Unlimited sales, affiliates, referral links, coupons and QR Codes
  • No extra commission on payments, or hidden fees
  • Connects with dozens of payment providers (not just PayPal)
  • Integrates with 1500+ popular Apps
  • Allows you to customise dashboards with your own branding
  • Includes free video-based training on 25+ important subjects
  • Lets you activate as many multi-level marketing levels as you wish
  • It's available in English, Spanish, German & French languages
  • Takes less than 10-minutes to set up
  • Offers first-class customer support

Put simply, ShoutOut will be the key to your online business growth.

In Conclusion

Weigh up the pros and cons and decide if the WordPress/WooCommerce multisite feature is right for your business.

Feel free to get in touch if you have questions about integrating ShoutOut into your multisite network. Our team are always here to help.


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Sarah - WooCommerce Multil Level Marketing Specialist Sarah Hutchings has worked for some of the world's largest companies around the globe including a decade marketing multi-million dollar consumer goods with Network 21, and Senior Brand Manager for Europe for UniLever and SC Johnson. Sarah is passionate about helping ecommerce merchants find smarter ways to profitably grow and scale their business.

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